Wave Clinics with Reuben

Paddleboarding is not just about cruising along on flat water. It's about waves and surfing too. Big or small waves..it's up to you. However we would recommend you learn the paddleboarding basics on flat water first before you go off in search of swell!

Whether you want to experience waves for the first time with confidence or get that cutback sorted... Reuben from SUPrental is your man! He'll get you paddle surfing to the next level in no time (beginners to advanced).

Reuben is an all round waterman, who if not out paddle surfing, will be out surfing or windsurfing. He has many years experience coaching watersports to a high level and currently competes at national level paddleboarding.

You choose, but below are some ideas of the areas Reuben may be able to help you with;
  • Paddling in waves for the first time

  • wave Paddling techniques

  • Understanding waves and wave selection

  • wave maneuvers - Bottom turn, Top turn, Cutbacks, Floaters etc...

  • Getting onto a smaller board

  • Board and paddle choice and selection

  • Fin choices and effects on performance

  • wave rules and wave etiquette!

For a one to one personal clinic using own board - 35 (for 1hr 30mins)

For a group clinic (minimum of two people and a maximum of four) using own boards - 25 per person (for 1hr 30mins)

If you don't have your own board or would like to try a different one just let us know.

Reuben's local beach is Whitsand Bay, in SE Cornwall and the prices above are based on wave clinics held there. However Reuben will happily come to your local wave spot in Cornwall... just get in touch for a wave clinic quote.

                              Competing at national level                                              Reuben Ellis

                     Paddleboarding in New Zealand this Winter.


Get in touch with Reuben and he'll guarantee you'll catch more waves!


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